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Eventually, we can get stuck and unmotivated when life becomes too much to handle. And that’s okay. 

You are not alone in having this unproductive feeling. Sometimes, humans feel overwhelmed by the many things they have to juggle. As we age, our focus levels and sleep capacity have been profoundly altered by the stressors we experience, plus other factors. That is why, despite our numerous efforts to stay focused, the tiniest bit of distraction will surely take away our drive to work through anything.

However, you also have the power to overcome the unproductive feeling. In a nutshell, we acknowledge that being exhausted is okay.

That is what Jerold Skolnik emphasizes in this practical guidebook used to enjoy life to the fullest titled ‘Were all crazy get used to it.’ Living doesn’t have to be as rigid as society dictates it. We can enjoy life responsibly and still get things done. The world is too caught up in pushing everyone to be as productive as possible, not knowing that we’re like a candle in the wind that burns out.

The root of the problem with unproductivity

There is daily pressure to keep up with everyone else around us, lest we need to catch up. There will come a time when we stop and breathe for a moment because we have been going through the motions nonstop. And you know what, that is fine!

No one should feel bad about taking breaks because we get tired from living a routine-like life. It would be a lie to say that we must push ourselves to the limit to deliver the best. There will be surprising setbacks when you try to force something to be seen as productive.

Sometimes, people attribute the unproductive feeling to the wrong reasons. Whether it’s our job, personal life, routine, etc., we can still feel lacking despite loving them all.

Here are the reasons you might have that unproductive feeling:

You feel like you need to be more organized.

Staying in the productive lane requires us to be organized first. With it, we will continually mess up and feel everything is in order. One thing you can do is prepare a list so that your mind can track the things you need to do. By listing them down, the end goals are met while sticking to what you have to get done.

You have crooked priorities.

You lose sight of the desired results if you don’t understand what you should do. A fulfilled life means keeping your priorities in check and ensuring you do it right. Redirecting your focus helps you manage your life better and will help you stick to what matters.

Improper allocation of your time

There is a better time to waste anything. Although you also have to keep in mind that only some have the same 24 hours daily, and we cannot dictate how people should spend their time on certain things. However, this is simply a reminder to allocate your time to positive things like relaxing and enjoying things that spark joy. Take comfort in this fact: there is a time for everything. We have the time to be happy, sad, bored out of our minds, and everything else in between. Numerous efficient ways help divide your time between strict tasks and leisure. It’s up to you how you can make use of them.

Too many distractions

This goes without saying – distraction and procrastination are best friends. But realistically speaking, everyone gets distracted while going about their day. Nobody is spared from the temptation of getting sidetracked most of the time.

Although there’s another form of distraction that is out of our control, situations like sudden interruptions from people around us, loud noise, and surprise tasks need to be prioritized, trying to tone them out may subject us to another unproductive feeling, which can be overwhelming for us to a certain extent.

When you are simultaneously overwhelmed with emotions

Humans are emotional creatures. Regardless of the claim to be otherwise, we feel certain things depending on the situation. And in this case, the unproductive feeling can stem from various emotional breakdowns due to the weight of whatever we carry daily.

Because we are pressured to be successful and materially fulfilled in life, we exert too much that we end up tired before we can even start. We must recognize that there are things we can handle and moments that are just out of our control.

Final Thoughts

When we learn to acknowledge this unproductive feeling, we understand deeper that enjoying life to the fullest is possible. We must redirect ourselves to a more straightforward path that won’t hinder us from living the life we deserve.

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